Registered Charity No: 1138287 (England & Wales).

Let your legacy leave a legacy.

Imagine a gift that could impact the world’s poorest people, the world’s rarest plants and animals and the air we breathe!

In the time it takes to read this advert another square kilometre of species rich tropical forest will be lost to logging, palm oil plantations, agriculture, mining or land grabs.  However, rainforest destruction also has devastating consequences for 90% of the world’s poorest billion people that depend at least partly on forests for their livelihood.

The Rainforest Foundation UK is committed to both human rights and environmental protection. It believes that an essential first step to protect and manage tropical forests is to work with those who know the forest best – indigenous peoples and traditional forest dwellers.

In the last twenty five years the Rainforest Foundation has protected over 100,000 square kilometres of rainforest through securing land rights for forest communities. This would not have been possible without donations and gifts in wills.

By making a final gift in your will you can ensure the future protection of rainforests and give the people that know the forest best the chance to stop their forest home from being destroyed.

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