Registered Charity No: 1116947 (England & Wales), SC039959 (Scotland).

The red squirrel is an iconic species native to the UK which has been here since the last Ice Age, 10,000 years ago. From its immortalisation as Squirrel Nutkin in the timeless stories of Beatrix Potter to its more recent appearance as Tufty in the 1960s, the red squirrel is symbolic of British wildlife at its most charming.

Unfortunately the red squirrel now faces a battle for survival following the introduction of the invasive grey squirrel.

Red Squirrel Survival Trust aims to:

  • Protect red squirrels by keeping reds and greys apart.
  • Assist the winning reds in areas where red squirrel population numbers are stabilising or increasing.
  • Reintroduce reds around the UK wherever feasible.
  • Fund research on how to secure the red squirrel’s long-term future.
  • Raise awareness of the plight of reds in the UK.

Our patron is HRH The Prince of Wales who shares the passion of those with whom we work - thousands of volunteers, government departments, charities, schools, businesses and a wide variety of organisations.

We do not wish to be the generation that allowed this beautiful animal to be lost in the UK and we realise we have to make a long term commitment to maintaining the fight for its survival. Leaving a legacy will mean that our fight will continue and future generations will value us taking the initiative to act while there was still time.