Our work

Since the launch of the campaign in 2002, we’ve come a long way in terms of raising awareness of charitable gifts in Wills amongst both the public and Will making professionals.

Using humour to communicate a sensitive subject, our campaigns stand out with the Will-writing public. Results from audience surveys have shown that the campaign has started to overcome taboos and change public perception around the subject of Wills.

Remember A Charity Week

Remember A Charity in your Will Week is an annual awareness week designed to encourage more people to consider leaving a gift to charity in their Will.

Three quarters of Britons regularly give to charity in their lifetimes, yet only 6.3% currently include a charity when writing a Will. Without the income from gifts in Wills, many charities would simply not exist.

This year’s Remember A Charity Week saw an unprecedented amount of support from the Government, partners, professional advisors, celebrities and the charity sector, helping the campaign to gather real momentum.

For the first time the Ministry of Justice announced their support for the Week. Minister for Civil Society Rob Wilson as well as HM Treasury also endorsed the campaign.