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Solicitors can play a key role in growing the legacy market. We know from our research that those advisors who always mention the option of a charitable gift to their clients, write significantly more Wills that contain a charitable bequest.

We also know that the majority of people, when considering their Will, will not have thought about including a charitable gift in it. Whilst only 6.3% of the UK population currently leave a charitable gift, when asked, 35% of the UK population say that ‘they would be happy to leave a gift to charity in their Will after they’ve looked after family and friends’.

You can help by making sure that your clients are aware of all the options available to them when writing their Will. Of course, family and friends come first. But by solicitors simply mentioning the option of supporting their favourite charities, more clients will consider this way of giving.

Remember A Charity’s Campaign Supporter scheme is another way solicitors can raise the profile of, not only charitable giving in Wills, but also your organisation.

Please show your support by joining hundreds of firms and signing up. It’s free to join and by doing so you will be supporting the aims and objectives of Remember A Charity, whilst looking after the best interest of your clients.

Amongst the many benefits, your details are displayed on Remember A Charity’s ‘Find an advisor’ search page.

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