Registered Charity No: 1113049 (England & Wales).

The Rosie May Foundation, was founded in 2004 in response to overwhelming donations from the public following the brutal murder of 10 year-old Rosie May. Rosie May’s parent’s, founders of the charity, have turned their personal tragedy into hope for children in crisis by creating a living legacy to their beautiful daughter. Our vision is a world where every child has a right to family and a future. We work directly on the ground in Sri Lanka and Nepal to protect children in crisis, especially girls and prevent children being torn apart from their families by poverty.

The Rosie May Foundation gives direct, practical support to vulnerable families to prevent abandonment of babies and young children. We focus on empowerment of girls through education, to realise their rights and give young women a choice in their own future. We aim to educate girls to become educated mothers and break the cycle of poverty.

We believe that it is every child’s right to know the love of a family, to live without discrimination, have access to food and a quality education - rights that many vulnerable children in crisis situations are denied.

By leaving a gift to the Rosie May Foundation in your Will you can be part of Rosie May’s living legacy which transforms tragedy into hope for so many inspirational children.