Registered Charity No: 1081949 (England & Wales).

Please help us to continue to provide accessible services for Deaf people including:

  • Community Support: Specialist support for Deaf people who are old or have additional needs… and people who care for them.
  • Communication Services: Free interpreting services for personal events such as funerals.
  • Children, Youth and Families: Activities for families with parents or children who are Deaf or hard of hearing. Challenges which equip Deaf teenagers with skills and confidence for adulthood.
  • Advocacy: Supporting Deaf people to achieve independence.
  • Employment: Helping Deaf people find and keep jobs.
  • Community Development: Ensuring RAD’s services meet the needs of Deaf people.
  • Advice in sign language: on topics including benefits, housing, debt, family/domestic.

Your gift or legacy will help us create a better future for Deaf people. Thank you for your generosity.