Registered Charity No: 1097119 (England & Wales).

Secret World Wildlife Rescue is a 24 hour service dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and eventual release of British wildlife. Last year we cared for over 5,500 sick, injured or orphaned wild animals and birds.

Based in Somerset, we are a well-respected source of expertise and a centre of excellence where all British wildlife can receive the best possible care. We believe that every animal is important and we respond to every call for help. We are passionate about the natural world and seek to inspire learning about the world of British wildlife, encouraging everyone to discover what they can do to protect it.

We know British wildlife is in trouble, particularly from loss of habitat and traffic accidents. To help counteract this, we have a learning programme which aims to give people of all ages a unique and inspirational experience in order to awaken their interest and passion for wildlife and to reconnect them with nature.

We offer opportunities for continuing professional development to students and veterinary professionals to share our expertise and best practise in caring for British wildlife. Through our range of learning opportunities we offer tailored training and experience to students and volunteers from the UK and Europe.

We receive no government funding, and rely entirely on the generosity of the public to support our work. Legacy income is vital to us, helping us to protect and preserve wildlife for future generations to enjoy.