Registered Charity No: 1156790 (England & Wales).
A member of the International Guide Dog Federation.

Seeing Dogs has made increasing progress since it started operations in 2001, and in 2014 we became a charitable incorporated organisation.

In 2016, we were accepted as a member of the International Guide Dog Federation.

Our highly successful puppy rearing/specialist Seeing Dog training programme presently includes several dogs either being puppy reared or receiving their specialist Seeing Dog (our term for guide dog) training.

We currently have eleven working Seeing Dogs, including a Hungarian wirehaired vizsla, and four retired dogs which we know are still alive, including two Hungarian wirehaired vizslas. Seeing Dogs is the only charity in the world at present which has trained this breed to be guide dogs.

It costs us about £15,000 to train each dog and owner. Our clients are currently usually trained in their home environment, although our target is to have a dedicated training centre.

Puppies remain with the puppy rearers till they are 12-14 months old, during which time they are familiarised with all the circumstances they are likely to encounter as Seeing Dogs - crowded streets, heavy traffic, buses, trains, cars, cafés, restaurants, stairs, lifts, swing doors, etc.

A well trained dog is by far the best mobility aid, and life changing, for anyone whose sight loss causes major problems getting about. It is unacceptable that individuals have to wait up to three years for a trained dog. Legacies will be used to help meet our objective of reducing this wait to one of a few weeks.