Registered Charity No: 284582 (England & Wales).

Skin is the most common site in the body for cancers to arise. There are well over 100,000 people diagnosed with skin cancer in the UK each year. Fortunately most can be treated successfully but one form - malignant melanoma - is different. It is all too often life threatening. There are over 10,000 new cases of malignant melanoma diagnosed in the UK each year. There are over 2,600 deaths from all forms of skin cancer in the UK each year.

While the incidence of many cancers is steadily declining the opposite is true of skin cancer – the number of new cases of skin cancer and the number of deaths from the disease continue to increase year on year. Research indicates that sun damage to the skin especially before the age of 16, greatly increases the risk of getting skin cancer in later life. Much of the research currently funded by SCaRF looks at utilising the body’s own defence mechanisms against the cancer leading to much more effective treatments that do not have the devastating side effects on the body that traditional treatments can have.

All the work the charity undertakes is funded by voluntary donations, active fund-raisers and legacies. Since it was founded in 1979 SCaRF has spent over £1,000,000 on research into the causes, prevention and treatment of malignant melanoma we would not be able to continue this work without your generosity. Please consider leaving a gift to SCaRF.