Registered Charity No: 1069204 (England & Wales).

Providing the most vulnerable children with a family for life.

SOS Children is a global authority on nurturing and supporting families. We provide direct care for orphans and abandoned children, and work with local communities to keep fragmenting families together. We understand that however much families try to support each other, when they’re weakened by chronic poverty they can quickly become overwhelmed.

We ensure children have a loving home, health care, and education so that they grow up with love, respect, and security. Our purpose-built Children’s Villages give children a home, a mother and siblings to call their own. In the neighbouring communities we strengthen struggling families by supporting parents to improve their lives and those of their children, reducing the risk to those children of being orphaned or abandoned. Access to start-up business funding and financial support, education, vocational training, medical and social care, and community development programmes enable people to support and provide for their children.

SOS Children helps children to recognise and express their individual abilities, interests and talents. They live according to their own culture and religion and go on to shape their own futures. The children grow up to fulfill their potential and we are with them all the way, making sure that they go out into the world with skills and qualifications and can go on to contribute to their own community, wherever that may be.

Please include us in your will. Your generosity will help to give children a family for life.