Registered Charity No: 529319 (England & Wales).

St John’s school for the deaf is a day and boarding school for hearing impaired pupils aged 5 to 19.

Pupils are taught by specialist teachers of the deaf and emphasis is placed on helping them to develop, understand and use spoken language. This approach is underpinned by a commitment to the use of technology to provide children with maximum access to speech.

Some pupils have special needs in addition to deafness such as visual and physical impairments, dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism and ADHD and whilst most of them arrive with linguistic levels significantly below their hearing peers, they all have the opportunity to study a wide range of GCSE and other nationally accredited courses.

A unique part of the pastoral work of the school is our link with the York Team, a group of mental health professionals specialising in deafness who offer individual and family counselling.

Children come to us from all parts of the country and are funded by their home Local Education Authorities. These fees provide the staffing and some basic items. However, it is only through fundraising and the generosity of donations and legacies that we are able to provide the very special and expensive resources that our pupils’ learning needs demand.

Please consider the work we do with these very special children. We have always aimed to provide the very best life chances for our pupils A donation or legacy will help ensure that we can continue our work for their future.