Registered Charity No: 1140930 (England & Wales).

St. Mark’s, is a remarkable hospital based in north-west London which receives ‘last chance’ referrals from around the country and leads the world in the study and treatment of bowel diseases. The groundbreaking research undertaken at St. Mark’s cannot be supported from public funds: we rely instead on the generosity of our patients, their relatives and friends and of many other benefactors who appreciate the work we are doing and the impact it is having on the lives of millions around the world.

We have come a long way, but the journey ahead will bring us just as many challenges and we will need all the help we can get. This is what we could achieve with your help:

  • Discovery of more effective and less invasive ways to identify problems at the earliest possible stage. We know that he earlier we diagnose an illness, the better the chance of a patient making a complete recovery
  • Investigation into why some people are genetically more likely to get bowel cancer, we will use this knowledge to raise awareness and support families at risk of inheriting bowel cancer
  • The development of new treatments that inhibit the cell changes that can lead to colonic polyps and cancer
  • Training more doctors and nurses in the UK and overseas, improving prospects for patients across the world

By leaving us a gift in your Will you will be doing something extraordinary.