The Gift of Education.

Staffordshire University has been singularly successful in encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to aspire to achieve and indeed, to be inspired.

At a time when there is so much pressure on young people to perform and to conform in society, it is inevitable that plans can go off track. Staffordshire University has been consistent in showing students a better way to reach their potential and to develop collaborative, interdisciplinary skills essential for career success.

The Gift of Education is about empowerment and many of us often feel instinctively grateful for the opportunities that were provided by others, at a crucial time in our lives. Staffordshire University recognises that great skills and qualifications will take you so far but of equal importance, having the right attitude to engage with prospective employers can prove pivotal.

Family and friends should always come first when making a Will, but when all that is taken care of, there may be room for you to consider leaving a gift for education.

Staffordshire University is in a position to recognise your gift and will honour your legacy in memoriam, in accordance with your specific wishes. You may want the legacy to be in memory of a loved one, or a special subject or field of interest that has given you fulfilment in your lifetime; we have several imaginative ways to recognise bequests on behalf of others.

Please talk to us about how your express wishes can be executed fully.