Registered Charity No: 900308 (England & Wales).

We are a growing charity with a successful track record spanning 20 years. Founded by the local community, we believe that there may be many local people who would like to put something back into the community by supporting our work.

We help young people across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey who are homeless or facing adversity to achieve great outcomes and reach their full potential.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of disadvantaged young people to reach their full potential and we are committed to growth in order to meet the rising needs of an increasing number who come to us for help.

We achieve this by providing one to one counselling support, employment and education training, accommodation, careers advice and life skills training from our Foyer buildings based in Aldershot and Havant. We also have a young mothers and babies unit.

This range of services enables young people to progress in their ability to look after themselves, be financially independent, be healthy and become a positive member of the community.

We also offer family mediation to reduce the number of young people who become homeless. With a strong focus on relationships and communication, this enables young people to rebuild broken-down relationships with family.

With the help of our supporters, we help turn hundreds of young lives around each year.

By leaving Step by Step a legacy, you are giving so much more than money; you are helping to restore a young person’s future. Thank you.