Registered Charity No: 211015 (England & Wales).

Stroke affects every one of us. It kills twice as many women as breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer. Stroke is now the second biggest killer in the world and the leading cause of complex adult disability in the UK. We’re bringing people together – researchers, scientists and supporters – to transform how we prevent and treat stroke and to save even more lives. With a fraction of the resources of cancer and heart disease we’ve managed to halve the number of people dying from stroke over the last 20 years and drive significant improvement in treatment and care. The Stroke Association is a charity. We rely on your legacy gifts to support people affected by stroke and fund research that will transform how we prevent and treat stroke. We know we can make a difference. Together we can conquer stroke.

For information on how legacy gifts can create a future free of stroke, contact Legacy Giving on 020 7566 1505 or email