Registered Charity No: 255155 (England & Wales).

Telephones for the Blind Fund exists to help to provide BT telephone service for those who are registered blind or partially sighted, live alone and are not able to meet the cost themselves. Free Doro mobile phones are supplied to those who meet our criteria.

We pay for the whole cost of telephone installation and a large proportion of the rental costs. We provide a vital lifeline for more than 300 blind people throughout the UK who meet the three criteria. That lifeline to the outside world enables many of them to continue to live in their own homes.

We support clients living in their own rooms in Care Homes and young families with blind parents.

We are the only national charity offering this vital assistance so essential for this group of people, the majority of whom are elderly and frail. We receive no financial help from central government, and we do not pay fees to any personnel so that all the money donated goes directly to those in great need.

We must maintain the continuing cost of all those currently receiving our help, and increase our reserve capital so that we can pay the whole cost of rental, and maintain our policy of never refusing help because of shortage of funds.