Registered Charity No: 278336 (England & Wales).

As children, most of us take for granted the chance to get out and about, exploring, climbing trees, visiting the park and hanging out with friends. For our children, and grandchildren, we expect nothing less, but for many with a special need, it just isn’t possible. If you have a physical disability, the difficulties are obvious, but, if you have a learning disability or autism, it can be hard to relate to other people and join their games.

Since 1982 the Thames Valley Adventure Playground has provided a unique opportunity for people with all types of special need to enjoy the fun and freedom which comes from the chance to play and share experiences in a safe and stimulating environment. Wheelchair-accessible roundabouts and swings, elevated walkways allowing children with profound problems to enjoy the excitement of ‘climbing’ trees, bucket seats enabling them to experience the thrill of whizzing down a zipwire, softplay and craft areas, sensory rooms to stimulate and relax, and specially-trained staff to provide help and support - just a few of the things on offer.

Over 14,000 visits are made to the Playground every year. Users travel from across the Thames Valley and beyond as there is nowhere quite like it closer to home.

With annual costs approaching £350,000 a year, as little as 5% of these are met by local authority grants, and public support plays a crucial part in maintaining a service which is a lifeline to so many people with a disability.