Registered Charity No: 1058536 (England & Wales).

Nehemiah works with men who want to leave behind their lives of addiction, violence and crime and become fulfilled, valuable members of society. We assist their reintegration into the community through rehabilitation programmes (pre and post release) including the provision of supported housing immediately after release.

Poverty, abuse and neglect during childhood are just a few life experiences that cause severe emotional damage in young people. Many turn to drugs and crime to escape the emotions such as anger, fear or guilt.

Two Programmes

(1) ‘A New Direction’ is an intense, six-month programme that addresses the roots of addictive and criminal behaviour patterns. The programme looks to help restore values and self-confidence and re-establishing independence. There is something significant in those recognising and rediscovering their potential, in order to break free from substance dependency and a criminal mentality.

(2) ‘A New Future’ is a supported housing programme that provides physical and emotional support for men when they come out of prison, to enable them to remain drug and crime free. We focus on different pathways such as accommodation, employment, further education or vocational training, family relationships, finances and debt, rehabilitation and relapse prevention, and essential life skills (including communication, social, problem solving and coping strategies). Men are encouraged to set personal goals for the future that are achievable.

By leaving a legacy to The Nehemiah Project, you can give a man the opportunity to break free from a life of drugs and crime and give him new hope.