Registered Charity No: 259358 (England & Wales).
Registered Company No:
959115 (England & Wales).

The Vegetarian Society is a registered charity, dedicated to promoting understanding and respect for vegetarian lifestyles. We work closely with schools and colleges, caterers and food manufacturers; supply information to doctors, health professionals and the media; and offer free support and advice to thousands of members of the public each year.

You can help us to continue our work towards a compassionate vegetarian future by choosing to leave us a gift in your will. Through this legacy gift you will help ensure that work like our Schools Education Programme continues helping young people, their teachers and parents understand the benefits of a healthy vegetarian diet. Your legacy will mean that those who turn to us for support receive the encouragement and advice that they and their families need to lead a compassionate lifestyle.

We are the leading voice of the vegetarian community. Please support us and ensure that your beliefs live on by remembering the Vegetarian Society with a gift in your will. For more information about the work of the Society or to receive our guide to leaving a legacy, please contact us.

Thank you.