Registered Charity No: 298028 (England & Wales).

Victim Support is the independent charity for victims and witnesses of crime in England and Wales.

Last year we offered support to more than 1.2 million victims of crime. Victim Support provides the Homicide Service supporting people bereaved through murder and manslaughter and runs more than 100 local projects which tackle domestic violence, antisocial behaviour and hate crime, help children and young people and deliver restorative justice.

Victim Support will help anyone affected by crime – not only the victims and witnesses, but also their friends and families. This is a service that is crucial to helping people cope and come to terms with the after effects of a crime.

When Sheila and Trevor Fairhurst lost their daughter, Carly, they despaired of ever being able to come to terms with the loss. Carly was just 19 when she was knocked unconscious by her boyfriend during a row and died in hospital six days later.

Following the incident, Victim Support got in touch to help Trevor and Shelia recover from the ordeal by offering practical and emotional support.

“I knew that we weren’t on our own,” said Trevor.

Sheila had a year of counselling sessions, sometimes three times a week. That helped her to cope with the terrible emotions of losing our daughter in such dreadful circumstances and see that she had reasons to carry on.

“Victim Support has been a godsend to us. Nothing can take away the pain of losing our daughter, but the charity has helped us to learn to live with it.”