Registered Charity No: 1081849 (England & Wales).

Across the globe, billions of animals are exploited for entertainment, food or financial gain every year. Animals are routinely farmed beyond their natural limits. Dogs are brutally culled in an attempt to control the spread of rabies. Bears are cruelly farmed for their bile, or caged and abused as tourist attractions. Wild animals are poached and traded as commodities.

At World Animal Protection (previously WSPA) we believe that the cruelty and suffering endured by animals is needless and wrong. Our vision is for a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty has ended.

Gifts in Wills have helped to achieve some of our biggest successes. They have helped to end the horrific culture of bear dancing in Greece, Turkey and India. They have allowed us to vaccinate millions of dogs against the killer disease rabies. And they have provided food and care for the hundreds of thousands of animals trapped in natural disasters each year.

A gift to World Animal Protection in your Will would allow us to continue into the future and for your memory to live on by making an amazing difference to animals worldwide. Together, we can move the world to protect animals.