Registered Charity No: 1081849 (England & Wales).

No animal deserves to suffer to satisfy human demands. But sadly, every day millions do. Deliberate or not, their suffering is preventable – and it must be stopped.

At World Animal Protection, we believe in creating a better world for animals around the world. A world where all animals – regardless of species or habitat – are protected from pain and spared from unnecessary suffering.

To create the biggest impact for animals, we focus on activities with the highest potential for improving the lives of animals, such as the abuse of wildlife for entertainment, and suffering on factory farms. This work varies from direct government collaboration, to funding on the ground animal rescues and sanctuaries.

Gifts in wills are crucial to our success and are vital for us to make the world a kinder place for animals. It is because of gifts in wills that bears in Romania and Pakistan can find sanctuary, free from abuse and suffering. They have also helped us protect countless wild animals from abuse and cruel captivity in the name of entertainment.

A gift to World Animal Protection in your Will would protect animals far into the future, and mean that your beliefs will live on making a life-changing difference to animals worldwide. Thank you.