Registered Charity No: 1137681 (England & Wales).

Wythall Animal Rescue is a Midlands based Charity it was founded in 1968 by Kath and Dave Davis who cared for all animals. The charity has found new homes for over 30,000 animals and given a permanent home at the sanctuary to many others. The sanctuary helps, horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, small mammals, birds and wildlife. No healthy animal is ever put to sleep but if a suitable home cannot be found they can live comfortably at the sanctuary for the rest of their natural lives.

We are constantly updating and improving our facilities for the animals as and when funds allow. Most recently we have rebuilt a brand new state of the art dog rescue kennel block with socialisation room and refurbished our boarding kennels, any revenue from these goes towards the upkeep of the rescue animals.

Our weekly costs are approximately £6,000 per week mostly due to neglected animals being bought to us that are in need of costly veterinary treatment. These high costs are difficult to find by fundraising alone. We have fundraising events throughout the year, run a membership scheme with a twice yearly newsletter, 100 club with monthly prizes, a sponsorship scheme for some of our residents and run a Charity shop.

However, we rely heavily on donations and bequests to keep up our work as sadly there are more animals than ever needing our help.

You can help by thinking of us when making your Will, a gift aid donation or by joining our membership scheme and learning more about our work. We would be so grateful for your support.’