Sad end to a career

I was very sad to read the article ‘Solicitor who acted without integrity for years is struck off’ in the 22 October Gazette. It recorded the sorry end to a solicitor’s long career.

I can only speak for myself, as I knew Peter Rollin professionally over many years. He took on cases that others would have turned down. He provided access to justice in a small Norfolk market town, where I am sure a lack of integrity would have been quickly found out and where he would not have survived in business for long.

Robert Sparrow
Retired district judge, Brundall, Norwich


Cheltenham etiquette

Recent correspondence in the Gazette about how to respond when asked what one does reminds me of a friend who was Her Majesty’s Coroner for Blankshire. His answer, if he wished to avoid the usual questions, was to say, ‘Oh, I do some work for a titled lady’. I was minded to follow his example, but here in Cheltenham one does not ask people what job they have, so I never had the opportunity.

Lester Maddrell
Retired solicitor and coroner, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire