I write to support Mark Anderson’s view of the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Under the guise of protecting the interests of the consumer, the SRA seems to think that it is free to make public statements that, if made in the commercial world by the board of a wholly-owned subsidiary, would lead to the board or at least its chair being sacked.

Enid Rowlands, chair of the SRA, needs to get a grip. She should know better, having operated in the public sector before. Back in 2003, she departed as chair of quango Education and Learning Wales amid a hail of criticism over a series of alleged management failures. She knows that as an outsider and a non-lawyer, it is important to respect the accumulated knowledge and insight of the insider.

Ms Rowlands should remind her board that the SRA was not set up to be a champion for the consumer. It should be a neutral, fair regulator seeking to balance its regulatory objectives and to work alongside the Law Society.

Christopher Digby-Bell, London W1