A deputy district judge has been removed from judicial office after being found guilty of professional misconduct in his capacity as a solicitor.

In a statement published on its website on Friday, the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office said Andrew Pascoe, a deputy district judge sitting in magistrates’ courts in the north of England and assistant coroner for North Lincolnshire and Grimsby, has been removed from both judicial posts following the outcome of a Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal hearing.

‘The SDT found that Mr Pascoe was guilty of professional misconduct in connection with financial irregularities in his firm in his capacity as a solicitor,’ the statement continues.

‘Mr Pascoe was fined £20,000 by the tribunal and conditions were placed on his ability to practise.’

The statement adds that the lord chancellor and lord chief justice found that Pascoe’s conduct ‘fell below that expected of a judicial office holder and have removed him from office’.