A tribunal hearing into a former City solicitor was today adjourned until the end of next month after the respondent was kept in hospital overnight under the Mental Health Act.

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal hearing into Alexis Maitland Hudson will reconvene on 26 February.

The hearing, scheduled for three weeks, concerns allegations by the Solicitors Regulation Authority that Maitland Hudson acted where there was a conflict of interest and misled the regulator. Closing arguments were due to be heard today.

Maitland Hudson, formerly owner of the now dissolved Maitland Hudson & Co, denies all charges.

The tribunal heard this morning that Maitland Hudson had been sectioned overnight at a London private hospital. He was seen by a consultant and placed on suicide watch, his assistant told the tribunal.

Mark Cunningham, counsel for the SRA, said it was in all parties’ interests to retain full control of the disposal of the case and not see it ‘kicked into the long grass’.

The tribunal also heard today that a representative for Maitland Hudson had accidently recorded a conversation between the SRA counsel and solicitor in earlier proceedings. 

The recordings, which have since been deleted, were described as a ‘serious breach’ by the tribunal chair who noted that both parties had agreed to not take the matter further.

Maitland Hudson’s representative, who said he is not legally trained, told the tribunal he made the recordings to assist with his note taking and was advised by Maitland Hudson to tell the tribunal that he had picked up part of a conversation. Details of the conversation were not revealed.