A self-employed barrister who accepted public access instructions when she was not entitled to do so and interviewed a minor has been reprimanded.

Alexia Zimbler was also advised as to her future conduct, discloses a ruling published by the Bar Tribunal & Adjudication Service (BTAS).

The incidents took place between June 2014 and April 2017. According to the BTAS, Zimbler supplied legal services to a lay client, without being instructed by a professional or licensed access client. Namely, she: corresponded directly with the complainant and their solicitors on her client’s behalf; interviewed a minor; gave legal advice; and represented her client at court hearings. She had not completed the appropriate public access training or registered with the Bar Council.

The BTAS said such conduct is likely to diminish the public’s trust and confidence in a barrister and in the profession. Zimbler thereby failed to take reasonable steps to manage her practice and carry out her role within her practice competently, the BTAS said.

Zimbler was called to the bar by Lincoln’s Inn in October 1993.