A Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal hearing into a City solicitor accused of acting where there was a conflict of interest was suspended this morning pending medical evidence. Alexis Maitland Hudson, owner of the now dissolved firm Maitland Hudson & Co, denies allegations of wrongdoing.

The hearing, scheduled to last three weeks, had begun to hear opening arguments from applicant the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Maitland Hudson, who has been representing himself, objected to the presence of former Maitland Hudson & Co compliance officer Peter Dempsey at the tribunal. 

This morning, during the continuation of opening arguments by the SRA, Maitland Hudson was asked if he wanted to produce medical evidence on whether he was able to continue. 

The tribunal took the decision to adjourn proceedings indefinitely pending the presentation of a medical report from Maitland Hudson. It will then make a decision on how to proceed with the case.