A&M Bacon are an Award-Winning Firm of Civil Litigation and Court of Protection Costs Specialists.  

Cost Budgeting

Getting the budget right is crucial.  A&M Bacon’s Costs Specialists possess a wealth of experience in a wide range of litigation matters, including multiparty. They provide an exemplary costs project management service, including:

  • Budget preparation/ complying with Orders
  • Updating Budgets & Costs Case Management
  • CCMC attendances to identify and conduct challenges

Costs Recovery

A&M Bacon will deliver a highly accurate Bill of Costs with a detailed prognosis of the costs recovery procedure and identify any areas of vulnerability.  

Adverse Costs

A&M Bacon pride themselves on their ability to keep adverse costs at manageable levels. They will provide expert advice across all processes of settlement negotiations and provide a clear and detailed prognosis, informing clients of any potential risks.

Advice & Consultancy

A&M Bacon have a wealth of experience in employer’s liability claims, property disputes, industrial cases, immigration and many more.


A&M Bacon’s dedicated team of experienced advocates can:

  1. Protect the paying party from unreasonable costs claims that could seriously impact their business
  2. Ensure the receiving party secures maximum recovery.

A&M Bacon have the rights of audience to be able to attend Detailed Assessment Hearings, Costs Appeals and CCMCs in all Courts throughout England and Wales, including the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court in relation to Costs.

Their experienced advocates will carry out an extensive risk assessment on further proceedings and provide a full report on the hearing within 24 hours.

Solicitor & Client disputes

A&M Bacon are experts in Solicitor & Client disputes and can act for either the Solicitor or former client in trying to resolve the costs issues.

Panel auditing

A&M Bacon’s panel auditing services have ensured departmental savings of hundreds of thousands of pounds.   They offer a review service that covers all charges and procedures completed by panel firms. This provides firms with assurance that every member of their panel is compliant with their contract agreements.

Court of Protection Services

A&M Bacon have a dedicated team who are engaged solely in the preparation of bills of costs for all proceedings undertaken within the Court of Protection.  They draft bills for applications to appoint the property and affairs deputy, annual ongoing general management costs, statutory will applications, gifting applications, replacement of trustee applications and any other application where costs have been ordered to be paid from the Protected Party’s Estate.

A&M Bacon monitor recovery rates, review trends of the costs officers at the SCCO and seek to advise clients on how to maximise their recovery on assessment.