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datasearch is a leading international commercial investigations and data inquiries company with a highly regarded industry service record.

Business founder, Mike Jones, is a highly-experienced private investigator, started the business in 1968 in the South of England. Since then it has grown from strength to strength. Today, datasearch works hand-in-hand with the Legal and Financial industries on a worldwide scale providing a range of specialist, high quality, confidential and discreet private investigation and research services.

Mike leads an expert team of commercial investigators who pride themselves on being able to handle complex investigations – and on delivering tangible results. A well-established network of trusted agencies and contacts is in place to support international investigations.

What can datasearch do – for you?

datasearch specialises in working with law firms and corporate solicitors. The company routinely handles private investigations that involve locating missing people, and uncovering hidden and undisclosed assets by providing detailed background research on individuals and organisations.

Looking for answers – why not ask the experts?

Working with latest technology, datasearch carries out thorough database searches and confidential inquiries to uncover information that is not in the public arena.

Comprehensive desktop research involves searching national databases held by Regulatory bodies, British Institutions and Government agencies to name a few, as well as newspaper libraries, communications networks and Social Media. This service is thorough and full details can be provided.

‘Fuzzy Inquiries’ – crystal clear results

People who set out to defraud often provide information that is not exactly accurate. So, for instance, they may alter a postcode or date of birth.

The highly experienced team of private investigators at datasearch know how to identify these deceptive practices. They will connect the pieces of the missing jigsaw together to identify undisclosed assets, or to find missing people.

Putting it all together out in the field

Desktop and ‘Fuzzy inquiries’ are essential to all investigations. But they need to be coupled with a targeted and expertly executed field investigation to uncover information that would be otherwise impossible to obtain.

datasearch is well-equipped to carry out discreet, field-based investigations. The highly experienced team are experts in covert surveillance and also work with the latest tracking technology.

Want to know more?

With over 30 years of experience working in the Legal sector, datasearch has the knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver results.

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