PSL, a firm of Chartered Land Surveyors, was established in 1982.

We travel all over the UK, Europe and Worldwide, producing maps, plans, land and building measurement surveys for a variety of clients and since 1988 we have specialised in producing plans and expert reports for the legal sector in the field of boundaries and right-of-way disputes.

Boundary Disputes
Boundary and Right-of-Way Disputes occur throughout the World. Some countries have precise cadastral systems, whereby boundaries are recorded, and others have a more relaxed general approach. England & Wales record boundaries in a general fashion, as described in the Land Registration Rules 2003 Part 10 (Land Registration Act 2002 Section 60).

Land Surveys
Land surveys are invariably required prior to new developments. Clients include developers, architects, civil engineers, local authorities, service providers, religious bodies and the leisure industry.
The purpose of a land survey is to provide an accurate computer model of a site so that the client can plan, design, locate and monitor projects with precision and confidence.

Building Surveys
Building measurement surveys are invariably required prior to refurbishment projects or extensions. Clients include developers, architects and civil engineers.
The purpose of a Building Measurement Survey is to provide an accurate computer model of a building so that the client can plan and design refurbishments and new layouts as well as ensuring that planned extensions dovetail into existing structures.

David J Powell, Michael Rocks, Kim Moreton and John Rackham
All our experts are Chartered Land Surveyors (RICS)