Drugs Expert Witness in International Drug Trafficking and throughout the supply chain to the end user.

Email: darrell.jones@drugsexpertwitness.com

I have been involved in drug related matters since the mid-1990’s dealing with global distribution from South America to the Importation and national distribution to the end user in a wide variety of controlled drugs within the UK. I have years of experience working within a number of drug arenas and offered opinion on the following topics to name but a few;

  • Chemsex, Cash Based Economy / Cellular Activity
  • Coded / Guarded Speech / Slang Terminology
  • Common Adulterants / Cutting agents
  • Cannabis Cultivation / Extractions / Concentrates
  • County Lines / Conspiracies to Supply
  • Dealer Lists / Record Keeping
  • Duress / Threat / Coercion
  • Drug Commodities / Environments / Arenas
  • Enforced Droughts / Importation
  • Market Influences
  • Normalisation of Drug Supply / Consumption
  • Postal Service Providers / Internal / International
  • Prison Consumption / Supply
  • Re-packaging / Repressing
  • Roles / Responsibilities / Rewards
  • Safe houses / Vehicles
  • Wholesale / Middle Market / Street Values.

I am highly experienced Drug Expert Witness, having spent time investigating the illegal drug supply arena from user dealers supplying a £10 bag to international conspiracies trafficking millions of pounds of class A, B and C drugs he has acquired an extensive knowledge of all facets of the illegal drug trafficking industry. I have an excellent understanding and I am able to assess the evidence and offer my opinion on who is involved at what level, the value of the drugs relevant to where they are in the supply chain at the point of seizure, and what the value is to the person in control of the commodity.

I have been involved in thousands of reports and shows rationale based on his experience and understanding, showing a conclusion which will identify involvement, values and potentially an alternative view to law enforcement.

Having worked within the Metropolitan Police Service from 2002 investigating low level drug related crime, then alongside the National Crime Agency Between 2007 to 2016. During this period, I worked alongside officers from the HMRC, UKBA, DEA, Europol, Interpol, Belgium, Spain, France, Netherlands, Turkey, Japan, Brazil, USA, Albania, Romania, Italy, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the Banking industry and many other private institutions which are used by criminals to assist in their illegal activities of importing and supplying controlled drugs and also to launder the proceeds of criminal activities. I have taken every opportunity to obtain a greater understanding of drug markets throughout the world when working alongside international colleagues. In January 2016 he set up the Metropolitan Police Service Drug Expert Witness Unit.

I have personally produced over 500 statements and attend courts numerous times while offering my opinion as a Drug Expert Witness while working for the National Crime Agency and the Metropolitan Police Service, my work was shown as best practice at a national Expert Witness and CPS event.

Email: darrell.jones@drugsexpertwitness.com