A fast and effective service for both small and large clients.

Comprehensive technology Expert Witness Services, independent and impartial, solid reliable experts with renowned worldwide expertise. Passion, Experience, Diligence.

Whether an organisation or individual is dealing with: 

project, program or corporate failure;  patent infringement of a new technology;  trade secret misappropriation;  the security implications of a breach where theft of a proprietary idea was the goal;  intellectual property (IP) case involving technical or scientific evidence;  failed Fintech or Technology M&A, programs or projects;  serious technology-driven incident - Hardware, middle-ware, software, Architecture; Cyberwarfare, hacks, IT attacks & crime;  Forensic & Anti-forensic investigation plus analysis; 
-  Litigation and Lawsuit support and expert testimony plays a crucial role in any case involving technical or scientific evidence.

Our record of accomplishment is attributable to the rigor and ethics to which our expert witnesses subscribe. They write their own reports and only present findings rooted in science and fact, as expert witness, trial consultants, and single joint experts (SJE), in both civil and criminal proceedings, and due diligence services. As independent specialists, we have worked on behalf of private individuals, corporations, investigating authorities and with advocates representing claimants or defendants.

We establish and present evidence so that it is robust enough to take legal action and, if necessary, an on-hand expert witness.

Many industry awards and accolades, example: Best Technology Design & Development Expert - UK 2017 Consultancy & Advisory Awards.

We provide expert testimony regarding the technology underlying the most technically complex cases. We work effectively with a range of important stakeholders from the board to technical experts, translating complex aspects of a matter for non-technical audiences.

Our areas of work include:

  • Artificial Intelligence, AR, 5G holograms, plus the use of artificial intelligence and data analytics allowing risks to be priced more effectively;
  • Blockchain; distributed ledger, smart contracts technology;
  • Coding, from Assembler machine language through to Z-notation;
  • Cybersecurity, defence and offense, breaches;
  • Data privacy;
  • Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, SLA, OLA;
  • Digital media and IT Technology;
  • Due Diligence;
  • eCommerce and concomitant internet services; 
  • eDiscovery;
  • Failed projects, corporate actions, systems; 
  • Fintech, Financial services, pure technology, start-ups and investments;
  • Hardware, middleware, design and Architecture;
  • Internet of Things, IoT; 
  • Licensing, patent and protection, infringement;
  • M&A, merger and acquisitions;
  • Network, telecoms; 
  • Robo guidance; 
  • Software, forensic and anti-forensic; 
  • Technology development, risk, and program failure.

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