The Common Sense approach to Probate Genealogy

Family Lines Research operate from the beautiful and historic city of York.

The company was founded in 1995, initially to provide probate practioners with a credible alternative to, what was then, a very dominant London market place.

Our continuing success over the past two decades has led us to have very valued and regular clients, not only all over the UK, but also in most commonwealth countries, including many offshore tax havens.

Please email: or call 0845 602 8885

Services include:

  • Locating missing beneficiaries named in Wills
  • Tracing legal heirs to intestate estates
  • Locating heirs of pension funds
  • Establishing original owners of land and properties
  • Identifying owners of unclaimed shares
  • Obtaining copies of birth, marriage and death certificates, wills, grants of probate and letters of administration

Statutory Will applications

As well as locating missing beneficiaries we also produce family trees in order to identify missing family members as required by the Court of Protection when making an application for a statutory Will.

Obligation Free Administrator Search

We can locate a statutory heir to act as administrator on an estate where next of kin are not known. Giving your firm the opportunity to be instructed on a case that would otherwise be passed to the Treasury Solicitor. Contact us for further details.

We are always more than happy to discuss problem cases with you, and offer any advice we can, regardless of whether it leads to our being instructed to work on the matter.