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Qualifications and experience

Fiona Marsh holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree, both in chemistry.

Fiona was trained in all aspects of the scientific examination of documents and handwriting at the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory, which later became part of the Forensic Science Service, where she worked from 1980 to 1988. She started her career in the General Chemistry section moving onto the Questioned Documents Section in 1982.

Since leaving the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory Fiona has worked as an independent Forensic Document Examiner. She has provided independent expert evidence to Claimants, Defendants and to Prosecutors in thousands of cases, mainly in the United Kingdom but also, on occasions, overseas on a variety of topics including the following:

  • Disputed handwriting and signatures
  • Indented impressions (ESDA)
  • Alterations to documents
  • Photocopy composites
  • Typewriting

Since being an Independent Expert Fiona has advised a wide range of clients including:

  • Financial institutions such as Banks, Building Societies, The Building Society Ombudsman, Insurance Companies and Loss Adjusters
  • Solicitors
  • Companies of all sizes
  • Private individuals

She has also advised prosecuting authorities including:

  • Various Police Forces
  • The British Army Special Investigation Branch
  • The Ministry of Defence
  • Local Authority Trading Standards
  • The Gibraltar Police
  • The Independent Commission Against Corruption in Hong Kong
  • Prosecuting Authorities in Australia, Oman and the Philippines

Fiona has extensive experience in presenting expert evidence in courts of law as well as at Arbitration and Employment Tribunals. As an independent expert who deals with both civil and criminal cases she has given evidence in The High Court, Crown Courts including The Central Criminal Court, Magistrates Courts and Courts Martial.

Legal Aid work undertaken.

Tel:    01277 812279
Mob:  07768 984769