Forensic Document Services Limited is based in a Central London laboratory and is extensively equipped with sophisticated instrumentation to carry out techniques used in the forensic examination of documents. All techniques employed are non-invasive.

The Company has two Experts, Maurice Rodé and Michael Handy each with twenty five years experience and who were Registered Foresnic Practitioners, specialism Questioned Documents until the closure of the Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners.

Civil and Criminal related work is undertaken and areas covered include:

  • Commercial/Employment Litigation
  • Banking
  • Probate
  • Professional/Medical Negligence
  • Shipping
  • Intellectual Property

Clients include:

  • UK/International Law Firms
  • Local/Central Government Agencies
  • UK/International Financial Services Organisations
  • Private and Public Companies

The laboratory is based in a secure suite of offices with a Chubb fire resisting document safe for storage.

Matters are dealt with in strict confidence.

The Company is certificated to the internationally recognised quality standard BS EN ISO 9001 and takes part in externally audited trials. Reports are subject to peer assessment as part of the laboratory’s Quality Assurance programme.

  • Estimates provided on request
  • Legal Aid work undertaken