Nowadays one has to specialise. This is why our firm’s practice concentrates on a few specific areas of civil law in order to provide you optimum legal counsel.

Our areas of speciality include inheritance law, construction law, landlord and tenant law, and law governing condominiums.

Further, traffic law, labour law and out-of-court and court payment admonishment procedures are additional focuses of our work.

Due to his admission as solicitor in England and Wales Mr. Fellmann can also be consulted regarding questions of English law and cases which are connected to Great Britain.

What we do

Mr. Fellmann provides legal counsel and also represents clients in court primarily in the following areas:

  • Inheritance law
  • Construction law
  • Landlord and Tenant law/law Governing condominiums
  • Traffic law
  • Personal Injury
  • Labour law
  • English law
  • Commercial and Company law
  • Debt Collection

Inheritance law

  • Legal advice on issues relating to inheritance law.
  • Advising on last wills and testaments under German law

Construction law

  • Acting as counsel and providing legal advice in the area of building law, providing counsel and conducting civil litigation regarding questions of construction law.

Landlord and tenant law/law governing condominiums

  • Drafting of rental and lease agreements (both residential and commercial), acting as legal counsel for tenants and landlords in court and in out-of-court disputes relating to rental or lease relationships. Legal advice on individual questions such as notice of termination, vacating premises, sub-letting, etc.. He also provides legal advice on issues relating to the Condominium Act (Wohnungseigentumsgesetz).

Traffic law

  • Representation in cases for damages and damages for pain and suffering in cases of traffic accidents.
  • Representation in court in criminal and administrative proceedings regarding traffic Law

Labour law

  • Representation in cases of unlawful dismissal
  • Actions for compensation in cases of termination of employment

Civil law

  • Advising on general questions of civil law. Litigation and enforcement of judgments in England and Germany.
  • Conduct of civil procedures and payment admonishment procedures before courts and, in particular, the resolute enforcement of judgments.

English law

  • As a result of Mr. Fellmann’s long years working abroad and his qualification and admission as a solicitor in England and Wales, the law firm is also a competent partner for questions regarding English law on proceedings in Great Britain. A qualified team of translators and, if need be, close contacts to law firms in Great Britain can be used.

Commercial and company law

  • Legal advice and legal counsel on commercial law, commercial representation law and company law from companies constituted under civil law to private limited companies.

For whom we work

  • The firm has a very broad range of clients. Both private individuals from Great Britain and Germany as well as small and medium-scale enterprises seek legal advice from our firm. In addition we give advice to professionals as well as national and international associations.