IT and Computer Expert Witness.

I have over 35 years working with computers and more than 12 years and 170 cases as an expert witness.

My priority is to clarify technical evidence simply and concisely and to create a common understanding of cases among lawyers, clients and experts. I produce clearly worded reports and clear spoken evidence

I typically expect to reach an agreement with a police computer examiner regarding the nature and implications of evidence from computers in criminal cases.  It has been my experience that the charges are reduced or dropped in the majority of the criminal cases that I have worked.

Criminal cases that I have worked include indecent images, grooming, terrorism, false accounting, computer misuse and unauthorised access, fraud, extreme and prohibited images, drug importation and drug cultivation plus proceeds of crime and confiscation proceedings.

I have prepared reports or given advice on alibi evidence and police interviews.

I have prepared reports for use in criminal cases in the Court of Appeal.

My website has articles discussing the use of evidence from computers and subjects ranging from appeal judgements to police station interviews.

I have worked civil cases including failed software implementations, faulty hardware and inadequate repairs.

I have prepared reports and given evidence for Industrial Tribunals and for Family Court.