Hanscomb Intercontinental brings together experts that work across the global onshore and offshore construction, engineering and shipbuilding industries. Our experts span the disciplines of accounting, law, architecture, construction, surveying, ship building and engineering and many are dual qualified holding a professional qualification and legal training. We undertake both expert advisory as well expert witness work and our experts are practising experts as opposed to testifying experts; our experts continue to work in their profession bringing the latest industry knowledge and best practice expertise to apply in their expert work.

Our team comprise expert witnesses with experience of being cross examined in litigation, arbitration, adjudication and before Dispute Boards. Disputes requiring technical expertise often involve an elaborate technical matrix of fact and opinion. Complex investigations, interrogation and interpretation of the cause and impact of various competing causes are required. We will deliver concise reports that explain complex technical interactions in a clear and unambiguous manner.

Our experts comply with a set of strict criteria:

  • A minimum of 25 years’ industry experience;
  • They have cross examination experience;
  • They have been trained in the expert’s duties in both Litigation and Arbitration and hold third party expert witness accreditation.

Our teams have experience across all the common dispute resolution tribunals including mediation, conciliation, litigation, arbitration, adjudication, dispute boards and expert determination. They are used to cross examination in these forums and understand their duties to the Tribunal.

Many of our experts also practice as dispute resolvers such as mediator, conciliator, arbitrator, adjudicator, dispute board member and expert determiner, which allows them to understand what the tribunal is looking for from them.

Each expert holds primary professional qualifications and post graduate legal qualifications as well as being trained and assessed by expert witness bodies such as Bond Solon, the Academy of Experts, the Expert Witness Institute and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

With arbitration being the most commonly used form of final and binding dispute resolution in large international projects our experts have given evidence under a variety of tribunal rules including those of the ICC, LCIA, AIAC, SIAC, HKIAC, CITEAC, ICSID, SCC, DIS, VIAC, CRCICA, QIFC, DIFC, ASA, JCAA, ACICA, ICA, JAMS, KCAB, and AAA.

Global Regional Hub Offices

New York +1 646 535 5976
Hong Kong +852 8198 1061
Johannesburg +27 12 743 6534