We provide services to the Legal Profession and others through the provision of Independent Social Workers and Allied Health Professionals for a range of legal matters including Immigration, Mental Health, Family Issues, Disability and Health Related Issues, and offer a bespoke, timely and confidential service to our clients.

Our ethics, values and commitment to you 

“We pride ourselves on our commitment to the principals of Equality, Human Rights and Social Justice, we will respect you and your clients and treat each person with dignity, in confidence” 

About Our Consultants

Our Independent Social Workers and Allied health Professionals are experienced in their field and able to offer expert opinion on social circumstances, needs and risks. 

You choose if you want help or support to move things on and we will assist with care or support arrangements. 

Our Consultants are fully vetted to ensure they are sufficiently experienced and professionally qualified before they are approved to provide the level of service we insist upon for our clients.

In addition, our Consultants must demonstrate that they meet our strict Quality Assurance protocols before they can register with our service. 

Our UK Network of Consultants 

Our Independent Social Workers and Allied Health Professionals have proven:

  • Professional Qualifications 
  • Registration with Professional Governing Body 
  • Public Liability Insurance 
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance 
  • Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Certification 
  • Registration with the Information Commissioners Office 

Our Services 

Immigration Matters 

  • Independent Social Work Reports 
  • Best Interest Assessments 
  • Impact Assessments 
  • Merton Age Assessments 
  • Windrush Issues 

Disability and Health Matters 

  • Disability Assessments
  • Carers Assessments
  • Mental Health Assessments
  • Mental Capacity Assessments
  • Continuing Health Care Disputes 

Children and Family Matters 

  • Best Interest Assessments
  • Special Educational Needs Assessments
  • Children’s Disability Assessments
  • Private and Family Matters 

Personal Injury 

  • Injury Impact Assessments 
  • Medical Negligence Impact 
  • Rehabilitation Care Plans 

Welfare Benefits 

  • Personal Independence Assessments
  • Work Capability Assessments 
  • Mobility Assessments 
  • Blue Badge Disputes 

Bespoke Services

  • Planning/Facilitating Community Care/Residential Care 
  • Disaster Triage 
  • Training and Consultancy 
  • Other Bespoke Services upon request 


You talk… 

Tell us what you need, who we need to speak to, where we need to go and when you need it to happen 

We listen…

We tell you how we can help, how much it will cost and who we recommend to help with your request… 

We make it happen… 

You decide if we are right for you… 
You choose who you want to help with your matter… 
We make it happen… 


Share the journey 

We welcome Sponsors and Partners who share our ethos of promoting Equality, Social Justice and Human Rights 

Contact us 

Let’s talk

Tell us what you need. 

Tel: 07707 737485 
Emai:l immigrationsws@gmail.com 
Website: www.ukiq.co.uk 

We are based in the West Midlands and provide a nationwide service.

Our areas of expertise include: 

Independent Social Workers Immigration, Allied Health Professionals, Expert Witness Service, ISW, Immigration Matters, Independent Social Work Reports, Best Interest Assessments, Impact Assessments, Merton Age Assessments, Windrush Issues, Disability and Health Matters, Disability Assessments, Carers Assessments, Mental Health Assessments, Mental Capacity Assessments, Continuing Health Care Disputes, Children and Family Matters, Best Interest Assessments, Special Educational Needs Assessments, Children’s Disability Assessments, Private and Family Matters, Personal Injury, Injury Impact Assessments, Medical Negligence Impact, Rehabilitation Care Plans, Welfare Benefits, Personal Independence Assessments, Work Capability Assessments, Mobility Assessments, Blue Badge Disputes, Bespoke Services, Planning/Facilitating Community Care/Residential Care, Disaster Triage, Training and Consultancy, Tribunal Reports.