Materials technology services for civil engineering and construction

Jon Knights, BSc MSc CEng CSci MIMMM FCS FICE, is an independent consultant with 20 years specialist knowledge and experience of the requirements and behaviour of materials in the built environment, with particular expertise in concrete and construction materials technology.

Jon has extensive expertise in all areas of concrete and construction materials technology, specialising in the following aspects of concrete technology and applied to major projects in the UK and overseas:

  • Mix design and development, testing and specification of concrete, aggregates, materials and workmanship
  • Construction quality assurance and supervision
  • Concrete production / construction advisory services
  • Durability design strategies for reinforced concrete structures
  • Assessment and design of control for early age thermal cracking Condition assessment of RC structures: diagnosis, repair, leak sealing and waterproofing, residual life and asset management strategies, coatings and corrosion protection
  • Forensic engineering investigation and expert witness services