Looking for a better digital dictation solution? Then take a look at Lexacom.

Lexacom provides secure, accurate and flexible digital dictation and workflow software to help law firms improve business efficiency, profitability and client service.

Lexacom Digital Dictation software has been specifically designed with the user in mind, enabling professionals and their secretarial teams to dictate, transcribe and dispatch documents with ease.

With the software available at a touch of a button, solicitors can quickly record and prioritise dictations at their desk or on the move, and instantly send them to their secretary for transcription.

Highly configurable, Lexacom will accommodate the needs of small office networks or multi-site organisations:

  • Dictate anytime, anywhere with Lexacom Mobile for smartphones and tablets
  • Add fully integrated voice recognition for some or all users
  • Take advantage of approved, integrated transcription services, anytime or all the time
  • Monitor workload and audit productivity with advanced management and reporting tools
  • Securely share information across sites using Lexacom Connect cloud technology

A market leader in the medical sector for the past 15 years, Lexacom is increasingly being selected as the digital dictation provider of choice for law firms wanting all the features they expect, provided in a more user-friendly, flexible, and cost effective system.

It’s easy to switch to Lexacom and you can even use your existing hardware.

Before renewing your current contract or taking on a new provider, contact us to find out why thousands of professionals in the legal, financial and healthcare markets already rely on Lexacom.