Expert Engineers in Process and Industrial Engineering in Oil/Gas, Petrochemical,
Agro-Industrial, Food, Paper, Cement and Textiles

Contact: Peter Lumley

Manderstam offers expert engineering in oil & gas, petroleum refining, petrochemicals, and gas technology, pharmaceuticals, fertilisers and pesticides, chemicals and allied industries, metallurgical industries, processing of minerals, food, agriculture and agro-industries, pulp and paper, textiles, cement, pollution control, project management and scheduling.

Full expert witness services

  • In the last 20 years have received expert witness instructions on 64 cases, giving oral evidence on 24 cases both in the UK High Court and international arbitration.
  • Instructions received from most of the major UK law firms.
  • Our experts have received Bond Solon training both as a joint single experts and in giving evidence in court.
  • Registered experts with the Expert Witness Institute (EWI) and UK Register of Expert Witnesses.


Process and Mechanical Equipment Design in the oil and gas, petroleum refining and power industries with specific experience of cryogenic process plant and piping design and insulation including LNG, LPG, NGL, ammonia production and hydrocarbons gas/liquid separation and fractionation. Also petrochemicals including polypropylene, PVC, LDPE, PTA and PET, fertilisers and bio fuels. Pharmaceuticals including production of penicillin, vitamins C, citric acid, lactic acid, intravenous products and cannabinoid prescription medicines.

Project Management, with extensive experience both as an Owner’s Representative and as a Contractor, in preparing and executing basic design, detailed design, procurement and construction.

Manufacturing Design, Engineering and Quality Control in the manufacturing industries with specific experience of welding, forming and machining; Quality Control and Assurance requirements to ISO 9001/2 and assessment of product design and manufacture in respect to fitness for purpose. Production plant and machinery valuations.


Benchmarking Studies: Global benchmarking studies in refineries, oil and gas processing plants, marine terminals, offshore platforms, pipelines and petrochemical complexes. Manderstam holds a global database of cost and operating parameters and performance indices.

Petroleum Refining, Petrochemicals, and Gas Technology: Distillation, treating, gas separation, light ends recovery. LPG production, storage and handling, NGL, LNG, sulphur recovery. Alkylation polymerisation, isomerisation. Aromatics, VCM, PVC, polypropylene, LDPE, PTA and PET, polyolefines, synthetic fibres.

Chemicals and Allied Industries/Fertilisers and Pesticides: Salt-based industries, caustic soda, chlorine, soda ash, etc. Ammonia production from solid fuels, fuel oil, naphtha and natural gas. Nitric acid, nitrogenous and NP/NPK fertilisers. Phosphoric, boric, sulphuric, hydrochloric acids. Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, etc.

Pharmaceuticals and Bioengineering: Penicillin and Chemical Synthesis; Vitamins C, citric acid, lactic acid, intravenous products and cannabinoid prescription medicines; Downstream packaging of final dosage forms.

Mineral Resources/Metallurgical and Process Industries: Coal, lignite, peat utilisation. Mini steel mills, foundries. Glass production.

Agriculture and Agro-Industries/Pulp and Paper/Textiles: Vegetable oils, fats, extraction, refining and hydrogenation, soap making, fat splitting, glycerine, margarine, shortening and ghee, fatty alcohols, oil cake and meal. Cotton ginning, storage, handling. Textiles. Food processing including canning, freezing, freeze-drying, packaging. Pulp, paper, chipboard, plywood.

Off-sites and Utilities: Steam and power generation for process plants. Water treatment. Effluent treatment. Incinerators. Storage, blending, pipelines. Jetties, terminals. Firefighting systems.

Contact: Peter Lumley