With over 25 years’ experience of helping our clients with the administration of estates, Moore Probate Research provides peace of mind for lawyers, trust and estate practitioners and personal representatives by tracing missing beneficiaries and locating legatees.

A better, fairer, more affordable probate genealogy service

We have a full range of services to assist you with estates on which there are missing beneficiaries:

Locating missing beneficiaries and missing legatees

We are experts in locating missing beneficiaries. We can help whether you are looking for one missing legatee or need to locate all the legal heirs on a complicated intestacy.


Have you been presented with an estate to which there are no known heirs and no administrator to instruct you? Would you like to retain control of the estate and the commercial opportunity it represents? We can find you a client at our own expense and our own risk.

Locating kin for a Statutory Will application

As well as locating missing beneficiaries we can identify and locate missing family members as required by the Court of Protection when making an application for a statutory will.

Missing beneficiary indemnity insurance

We can assist you in obtaining a quote for missing beneficiary indemnity insurance.

Document Search

We can obtain birth, marriage and death certificates, adoption certificates, Wills, Grants of Probate and Decrees Absolute.

Will Locator

Do you need to make sure that there is no will before distributing an estate on intestacy? Are you concerned that there may be a later will? We can help.

Distribution schedule

All completed cases come with a distribution schedule for the administration of the estate as a standard component of the report pack.

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  • Excellent research undertaken by highly experienced researchers
  • Regular updates
  • Excellent rates and honest billing

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