The Law Society Practice Notes on Use of interpreters in criminal cases (section 3.2) specifies that interpreters should be selected from those registered with NRPSI. The National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI or ‘the National Register’), is the independent voluntary regulator of public service interpreters. We ensure that interpreters have reached appropriate standards for working in the public services including the criminal justice system.

NRPSI provides a free-to-access online database of Registered Interpreters. The benefit to solicitors is that interpreters sourced from the National Register have provided evidence of qualifications, relevant experience, entitlement to work in the UK, and security vetting, as well as a commitment to abide by the NRPSI Code of Professional Conduct. Registrants must renew annually to remain on the Register. If a Registered Interpreter does not act in accordance with the Code of Conduct, NRPSI provides a free complaints process.

All Registered Interpreters carry a NRPSI Photo ID Card that displays their registration number, identity and language(s) for which they are registered. The details can be easily checked against the online Register.

We have around 2,000 interpreters in 100 languages on the Register covering the whole of the UK.

Search the Register or find out more about NRPSI at

NRPSI is a not-for-profit organisation.