Wesleyan Bank is part of the Wesleyan Group of Companies, which has been offering financial solutions to professionals and businesses for 175 years.

Wesleyan Bank has developed a number of legal-specific commercial finance solutions, meaning that legal professionals can utilise short and long-term financing to support their practice’s future growth and a flourishing future in business.

Wesleyan Bank has supported legal practices for a number of years and has developed a deep understanding of the finance needs and requirements of firms. As such we have developed funding products to meet these needs, specifically regarding SRA fees and Professional Indemnity Insurance. In light of this we are proud to be named the only endorsed finance provider by the Law Society of England and Wales.

Short-term cash flow products

Short-term finance can help support your cash flow, ensuring you have enough cash in the business for unexpected and vital expenditures, without having to put pressure on your overdrafts or banking lines. We can provide short term finance solutions for:

  • Tax
  • VAT
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance premiums
  • Practising Certificates and regulatory fees
  • Training
  • Invoice financing
  • Mid and long-term finance products

Wesleyan Bank can also provide longer term finance solutions for firms. Whether you are looking to invest in new technology, require cash for a Management buy in/out or are just looking to refurbish your existing offices, a finance solution can help you spread the cost easily. We provide finance solutions for:

  • IT - hardware, software, installation, training and support in one package
  • Office furniture and refurbishment
  • Expansion
  • Management Buy In/Out
  • Acquisitions
  • Commercial vehicles

Personal loans

Wesleyan Bank provides personal loans for lawyers. With a simple online payment calculator allowing you to vary the amount to be borrowed and over what time period, our personal loans application is straightforward and transparent.

Phone: 0800 980 9348
Email: bankcommercialsales@wesleyan.co.uk
Website: http://www.wesleyan.co.uk/sectors/commercial_funding_for_legal_firms