Registered Charity No: 200050 (England & Wales).

Supporting children and young people for over 50 years

Most people realise the degree of stress suffered when a child is born with a disability or accidentally becomes impaired. How many do something about it?

In 1961 a number of caring parents joined together to help children less fortunate than their own. To date over £15M in equipment and services has been dispensed.

We are one of the only UK charities prepared to help an individual disabled child from a low-income family with often the most basic of essential items as well as essential equipment. We also provide equipment to special schools, homes, and hospitals.

Every appeal is personally investigated and if approved, requirements are purchased directly by us. Cash grants are never given. We are a voluntary charity with administrative expenditure of around 1% and have no paid staff or office expenses.

Our philosophy since 1961 still remains to this day; we are determined never to let a child’s cry for help go unheard.