A former law firm manager has been removed from the profession after dishonestly misleading all parties that she had complied with a court order, a regulatory notice has revealed. 

Karen Johnson had been a manager in the legal department of Guildford firm Lovetts Limited for a year, when she created and backdated a claim letter to the defendant. The letter was created on 11 May 2018 but was backdated to 25 April, which was the court-ordered deadline for submitting revised particulars of claim.

She then attempted to mislead the defendant on two occasions by stating she had complied with the order and served the document in time.

Johnson also misled her client by stating that she had served the revised particulars of claim on the defendant at the same time as sending them to the court. She had earlier told the court she had complied with its orders.

A notice posted this week by the Solicitors Regulation Authority confirmed that Johnson had been found to have acted dishonestly. It did not include any mitigation of explanation for what she did.

Johnson, a non-solicitor from Croydon, was ordered to pay £600 costs and made subject to a section 43 order preventing her from working for any regulated firm without SRA permission.

Meanwhile, the SRA also confirmed it has barred a former litigation executive from the profession after he was found to have acted dishonestly.

Luke Addison, who worked for Stockport firm SGM Solicitors for almost two years until his resignation in January 2018, had failed to progress a client’s matter. He provided false information to his client to pretend the matter was progressing and continued his deceit for more than two months, the SRA said.