A former manager at a London firm has been sanctioned for trying to retrospectively change the contents of an email to a client. Beenu Rudki, who was employed as immigration director with Lewis Silkin, has been issued with an order by the Solicitors Regulation Authority preventing her from working for any regulated firm.

A regulatory settlement agreement stated that Rudki, who is not a solicitor, was assigned to a client to work on an immigration matter along with a partner and paralegal.

In October 2017, Rudki had an email exchange with the client to clarify issues that had arisen in relation to a sponsor licence application. It was stated that none of the emails sent by Rudki contained costs information.

Four months later, the client emailed to question whether they had been provided with costs information. The SRA said Rudki reopened one of her original emails, added the costs information, then sent the amended email to make it appear the information had been included originally. 

Soon after, the client emailed a partner at the firm raising concerns about the information provided, prompting an investigation. Rudki denied having amended the October email, but, before the disciplinary process was complete, resigned from the firm.

The SRA said that Rudki has been rebuked, ordered to pay £600 costs and had agreed to the publication of the notice. She must apply to the SRA for permission to lift the section 43 order at any point in the future.