A law firm employee who was offensive to more than one colleague and accessed private client information has been barred from the profession. According to a notice published by the Solicitors Regulation Authority today, Anthony Alfred Parker made an ‘offensive and sexist’ comment to one colleague, and sent a ‘lewd and offensive’ email to another. The content of the message and comment have not been disclosed.

During his employment at south Wales firm GGP Law Limited, the police station representative also sent confidential client information to his personal email address and, while absent from the office, accessed his work emails to permanently delete a number of emails. This was done without authority and against an express instruction not to do so.

Parker, a non-solicitor, was found to have acted in breach of four SRA principles and to have acted dishonestly. He was made subject to a section 43 order, preventing him from working for any law firm without SRA permission. He was also fined £2,000 and ordered to pay £600 costs.

The order is subject to an internal right of appeal and statutory right of review to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

The notice did not include any mitigation put forward by Parker. GGP Law declined to comment.